Selected Publications, Presentations, and Web Sites

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  • "The Healthcare Imperative: Lowering Costs and Improving Outcomes".
    The Institute of Medicine. 2010. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press. Owens, MK. Chapter 3: Inefficiently Delivered Services, Costs of Uncoordinated Care, pgs 131-138. Web Link:
  • Mary Kay Owens, "Managed Care Pharmacy Practice, Second Edition", Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2008, Chapter 18, “Medicaid Pharmacy Benefit Management.” 
  • Mary Kay Owens, “State Medicaid Resource Kit: Maintaining Quality and Patient Access to Innovative Pharmaceuticals in Challenging Economic Times,” National Pharmaceutical Council, December 2006. 
  • Mary Kay Owens and Linda Schofield, Medicaid 101: Overview of Policies, Expenditures, Current Trends, and Initiatives, National Pharmaceutical Council, October 2006. 
  • Mary Kay Owens and Linda Schofield, “The Impact on States of the Medicare Drug Benefit,” National Pharmaceutical Council, April 2005. 
  • Mary Kay Owens and Linda Schofield, “State Medicaid Program Issues: Preferred Drug Lists - Conducting a Cost Benefit Analysis,” National Pharmaceutical Council, July 2004. PDLROIBrief.pdf 
  • Mary Kay Owens, “State Medicaid Program Issues Policy Brief: Preferred Drug Lists, National Pharmaceutical Council,” December 2003.


Recent Presentations

Ms. Owens  routinely presents  at regional,  state,  and  national forums  for Medicaid  officials, legislators,  associations, and patient/advocacy groups.  She also regularly presents  to various  national health  care audiences  on Medicaid  reform initiatives,  prescription utilization and prescribing patterns, reimbursement policies,  pharmacy benefit  management in special populations, strategies to  address  fraud  and  abuse,  and  disease/case  management  program development  and implementation. Ms. Owens has presented in approximately 30 states, including the District of Columbia.



Selected Web Sites

  • University of Florida College of Pharmacy - Mary Kay Owens, RPh, CPh is currently Affiliate Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Florida's Department of Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy.
  • Florida Center for Medicaid and the Uninsured - at the University of Florida
  • Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured - Provides information and analysis on health care coverage and access for the low-income population, with a special focus on Medicaid's role and coverage of the uninsured
  • Kaiser Family Foundation: - Your source for state health data
  • Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services - Federal agency responsible for administering the Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIP (State Children's Health Insurance), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments), and several other health-related programs
  • National Pharmaceutical Council - Since 1953, NPC has sponsored and conducted scientific, evidence-based analyses of the appropriate use of pharmaceuticals and the clinical and economic value of pharmaceutical innovation. NPC provides educational resources tovariety of stakeholders, including patients, clinicians, payers, and policy makers.
  • MHPA - Medicaid Health Plan Association of America
  • AIMM - Alliance for Integrated Medication Management