Performance and Quality Measures

IHIS Health provides services to clients for identifying opportunities to improve the coordination of care and intervention strategies to achieve cost savings. IHIS Health can deliver metrics and studies related to care coordination, uncoordinated care, medication use management, and other measures. In turn, providers and other groups may use IHIS Health services to support related quality and performance measure issues that may arise in the context of programs and grants. IHIS Health can also provide – with key partners in the policy development space – insights to improve Federal and State quality measurement and reporting programs.

  • Reduce unnecessary costs

  • Improve quality of care

  • Medication use management

  • Disease and care management

  • Address disparities

  • Identify and classify patient safety and access issues

  • Solve program and process problems

  • Measure cost savings and success

Quality Measures and Policy Development

  • Measure of uncoordinated care
  • Insight regarding populations and approaches
  • Quality assurance measures
  • Policy development regarding quality metrics