About IHIS

The Institute for Healthcare Innovation Strategies (IHIS) in conjunction with its affiliate company, Southeastern Consultants Inc., provides technical support services to all healthcare stakeholders. The mission of IHIS is to provide consulting and advanced analytical services to federal and state agencies including Medicaid, Medicare, and employers as well as to health plans, healthcare collaboratives, providers, accountable care organizations, patient advocates and others as they strive to implement innovative payment/care delivery models that improve quality and efficiency.

Areas of focus include initiatives such as patient centered medical/health homes, care integration/coordination, transitions of care models, multi-disciplinary team care management, appropriate medication use, patient safety, quality assessment, creating system wide cost efficiencies, and evidence based evaluations.  Stakeholders can also obtain support with drafting proposals/responses, grant/project solicitations, state plan amendments, organizational and payment structures, task force development, and other activities.



We should be asking “Who are the patients with the most opportunities for impact on cost and quality of care?” and not just “Who are our high cost, complex, chronic disease patients?”



Patients with uncoordinated care represent the best targets for cost and quality improvement and could create cumulative savings of over $2 Trillion by 2018.†



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